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Artists Listings

Artists Listings

The Four Postmen (T4P)

This FIVE-man band has been performing together since 1992 and features electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, drums, bass, and an emphasis on three-part vocal harmony.  Their live show is highly energetic and theatrical, complete with comic banter between songs.  Sometimes compared to Barenaked Ladies, GQ Magazine called them, “The Seinfeldesque Monkees.”

The band has performed on NBC’s “Friday Night Videos,” and composed original music for NBC’s Thrillogy Series.  They have 5 albums: “U.S. Male” (1993), “Looking For Grandpa” (1997), “Hit Record” (2001), “What The Hell Happened?” (2004) and “5-Pack, Volume 1” (2007) and continue to perform regularly in several hip LA-area venues.

Stefan Marks

Matt Kaminsky

Ken Weiler

Geoff Dunbar

Brett Pearsons