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FuMPFest 2018

What IS FuMPFest?

A Comedy-Music Festival/Convention

FuMPFest is a full weekend of comedy music. If you’re a fan of The Dr. Demento Show, The FuMP, or any of the other numerous outlets for comedy music, you will feel right at home here.

FuMPFest features concerts throughout the weekend by today’s top musical-comedy performers, including your favorite artists from The FuMP. We also feature panels, interviews, and other events related to comedy-music and the guests on hand.

Founders of The FUMP had talked about holding their own convention for some time, but were unsure if they could actually pull it off. Then in 2013 the great Luke Ski put on LukeSkiCon as a private event for his Kickstarter backers. Devo Spice then expanded on that event to create FuMPFest. Their first event was held in June of 2014 with Dr. Demento as the guest of honor. Since then they’ve played host to The Arrogant Worms (2015), Paul and Storm (2016), and Henry Phillips (2017).

The Guest of Honor for 2018 is none other than The Four Postmen!